Tachi-dō tosei gusoku samurai armor

Mid Edo period, 18th century

Although it has not been possible to identify exactly the armor’s provenance, stylistic analysis suggests a link to the Kuroda clan, whose armor shares many similarities with this one. The choice of a momonari kabuto, a peach-shaped helmet popular among Kuroda clan samurai, is the most visible characteristic, but the really noteworthy element, distinctive to this family's armor, is the typical twin fukigaeshi on the sides of the kabuto, made of kozane plates on an egawa surface (printed leather). This link would also be confirmed by the fuji kamon (family crest), which is shown here in a rare variant that includes three mistuboshi stars. 

Elegant shakudo openwork kanamono and borders of the same material complete the armor, reflecting the great status of the samurai who wore it.



Authentic samurai armor made of black lacquered (kuro-urushi) kiritsuke-kozane, with blue kebiki-odoshi bindings. Momonari Kabuto; red lacquer (shu-urushi) ressei-men mask. Cuirass of ni-mai-dō type with kohire. Shoulder straps of chu-sode size. Sangu in black lacquer.


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