Shinto Sunnobi Tanto Takahashi Naganobu, 1846



雲州高長信作 / 弘化三年八月吉日


Unsho Takahashi Naganobu / A lucky day of  August Koka san-nen (1846)

Yokota became monk with this sword


NBTHK Tokubetsu Hozon Tōken


Published: Yoshihiro Abe, Unsho Tosho Takahashi Tsumbo-shi - Nobunaga no Kenkyu, 1988, pag. 301


Nagasa [length]: 33 cm

Motohaba [bottom width]: 3.1 cm

Motokasane [bottom thickness]: 7.4 mm


Sugata [configuration]: Hira-zukuri, iori-mune,

Kitae [forging pattern]: Ko-mokume hada mixed to masame and muji-fū

Hamon [tempering pattern]: Gunome choji in nioi deki. Nioiguchi well defined, with ashi and tobiyaki

Boshi [point]: Notarekomi with kaeri.

Nakago [tang]: Ubu, kirijiri, sujikai yasurime; one mekugi-ana


Origami [paper]: The blade comes with a Tokubetsu Hozon Tōken (Sword Particularly Worth of Preserving) certificate issued by the Nihon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai. 

Sayagaki [certification on shirasaya]: Inscription by Yoshikawa Kyoen


Born in 1817 and raised under the names Zenzo first and Sezaki Heisuke later, Naganobu became in 1829 a pupil of Fuyuhiro, by whom he was adopted and with whom he worked as the official swordsman of Matsudaira Sadayasu until 1838, when at the very behest of his lord, he moved to Edo to study under Chōunsai Tsunatoshi, one of the most renowned swordsmen of the Shinto era. After a few years, in 1841, he then opened his own forge and changed his name to Takahashi Naganobu. He then began working for the Matsue clan in Izumo (Unsho), for whom he forged blades until his death in 1869.

Naganobu's blades are similar to Tsunatoshi's, with imposing and characteristic shapes that, as in this case, hark back to the Bizen tradition. The jigane is soft and occasionally displays masame. His blades are always razor-sharp, and legend has it that one of his swords was used to cut a machine gun during World War II. Naganobu was also active in teaching; his most prominent disciples include Nobuhide, Toshihiro, Nobuyoshi, Nobukazu, Nobukura, Sukenori, and Shimane Shinkai. 

The sunnobi-tanto is a tanto that exceeds the maximum size for this type of sword, a shaku (30 cm), by one sun, or 3 cm.

Inventory Nr: 1762

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