Late Edo period (1615-1867)

Hiramaki-etakamaki-e and gold kirikane.

92 x 76 x 31 cm

Kyoto, Arashiyama Museum

Tetsu to urushi no geijutsu - Kyôto Arashiyama Bijutsukan zôhinshû, Kyôto, 1986, pag. 70

The construction of this antique shodana is somehow different and richer than the traditional Japanese model: even if in fact there are the fundamental elements, which are a lower compartment closed by two sliding doors and three intermediate shelves, in this piece, there are many other closed parts, including two drawers. More, there are several lacquered parts decorated in superior-quality maki-e even in places that generally are left empty. 
Panels are painted with gold lacquer with landscapes from the Genji monogatari; handles reproduce a shō, a rare antique musical instrument used for the gagaku, the Japanese imperial court music. It really seems that the original owner of this piece of furniture must have been a high-class patron.


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