Shokumō menpo

 Furred samurai armor mask 


DATE Mid to late Edo Period (1615 - 1867) 19th century
MEDIUM Iron and fur


The mask is built in two parts and the nose can be detached. The entire surface of the menpō and the last plate on the yodarekake is covered with a soft fur, probably hare.

Originally, hair-covered menpō and kabuto were made to protect against the rain, usually using bear-fur, but in this case, the surface is intended to be decorative. The most famous armor completely furred is probably the one owned by Katagiri Matsumoto (1556-1615) now at Osaka Castle Museum. A kabuto covered with a similar fur, not bear-fur, was used by Matsudaira Chikatada, and there are not many known suits of armor that bear this kind of surface.

On this page is a comprehensive glossary of common terms related to samurai armor.

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