Six-panel screen with pheasants

Folding screen with pheasants under cherry blossoms

Kyo-Kano school, 18th century

Six-panel folding screen (byobu)

Ink, color, gofun and gold-leaf, 182 by 376 cm


The screen shows a rich Japanese landscape with a wide variety of flowers among rocks and golden clouds: iris, peonies, chrysanthemums bamboos and a blossoming cherry tree serve as a frame to an elegant male pheasant, shown bowed in the center of the screen. Close by, the female pheasant lies behind some bamboos and a couple of white cranes hide behind the iris; another one is flying over the scene.
The blossoming cherry tree and the swollen creek indicate that the scene is set in full spring.
The subject and the composition suggest that this screen is from the Kyoto branch of Kano school.


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