Six-panel screenn with the battle at Sekigahara

Folding screen with the battle at Sekigahara

17th century

Six-panel folding screen (byobu)

136.5 x 263 cm

Ink, color, gofun and gold-leaf]

The screen represents some moments from the famous Sekigahara battle. The focus is on the winner armies,  where some characters are easily recognizable.
In the first panel on the right the Tokugawa Ieyasu camp is clearly represented; Tokugawa is here portrayed as an old man, according to the iconography offered by the sculpture that stands in his mausoleum in Nikko. Close by there is the camp of  Sakakibara Yasumasa, his trusted general.
Protagonists of the third panel are the famous "red devils” lead by Ii Naomasa, behind which are visible the banners of Ikoma Masamune: in the lower right corner here there is Honda Tadakatsu who just won against Shimazu’s army, while the soldiers led by Hosokawa Tadaoki are visible just in the distance.
Works representing this subject are quite rare: the battle scenes that are often shown on Japanese screens are usually from the Genpei War, the medieval saga that narrates the fight between Minamoto and Taira. The battles of the Sengoku jidai, perhaps without the charm of ancient wars, were instead portrayed much more rarely. In this representation the total lack of firearms and the presence of several soldiers wearing classic armors, are features coming from the traditional style battles screens.The style is similar to another work representing the same subject in Watanabe Tottori Museum. The Sekighara battle, fought October 21, 1600, was the acme of the hard conflict between the armies of Tokugawa Ieyasu and  Ishida Mitsunari who were fighting since the previous July.
The battle was crucial for the end of Sengoku era, the period of fights which lasted from 1487. Becauseof the victory achieved, Ieyasu obtained the control of Japan, founding then the shogunate that would last until 1868.



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