Suda Kokuta (1906-1990)

露, Tsuyu (dew) 

Kakejiku: ink and slight colour on paper

Signed with seal Suda Kokuta and dated in black pencil “1989”

104cm x 61cm


The single Chinese character tsuyu (dew) rendered in bold and strong calligraphic strokes; the hyoso (mount) also designed by the artist, with tomobako dated and signed by the artist, with seal.

Born in Saitama Prefecture, Kokuta started off his career as a Western-style painter and obtained many special awards for his figurative paintings at the Kanten exhibitions but after 1949, he changed direction and moved to the world of abstract paintings. He is well known for his powerful, bold and unrestrained brushstrokes, as is clearly demonstrated by this striking execution of the Chinese character for ‘dew'.


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