A large Rinpa suzuribako

Lacquered writing box

Edo period, 19th century

36 by 38 by 7 cm

Silver and gold maki-e lacquer on black ground.


The suzuribako is in the typical Rinpa style, decorated with two cranes, a motif often used by artists of this school. The term Rimpa (or Rinpa) derives from the combination of the last syllable of Kōrin’s name and the word ha (converted into pa), which means school. It was used to describe a highly sophisticated decorative style initiated by the painter Tawaraya Sōtatsu in the early seventeenth century and was continued by the Kōrin brothers in the next century. It is characterised by a use of defined outlines and striking combinations of colours and had a notable influence on painting on silk, screens, fans, ceramics, lacquer and applied arts. It also influenced literature and traditional Japanese theatre.

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Inventory Nr: 1682

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