Tōkanmuri kabuto and menpo

Samurai helmet in the shape of a court cap

Edo Period, 18th century


Helmets shaped as a tōkanmuri, a ceremonial lacquer hat worn at the Chinese court by literati and statesmen, were quite popular among samurai by the end of the 16th century. Of the many variations on the theme, this one is quite rare, with a pointed tip and flat faces on the rear. The wakidate, side ornaments which normally resemble the long wings on the cap’s back, are here shaped as hawk’s feathers. 

Fine elements on this helmet, like the engraved shakudo borders and the stencilled leather with fusegumi on visor and fukigaeshi, indicate that this set belonged to a high-ranking commissioner. 

The kabuto is paired with a black lacquered ressei-men mask and an attractive maedate shaped as a shikami, a demon from the Japanese mythology, often found as a front decoration on samurai armor. 

Inventory Nr: 1786

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