Tachi-dō tōsei gusoku

Samurai armor

Early to mid Edo period (1615 - 1867)

17th-18th century


An authentic antique samurai armor of tachi- style, made in gold hon-kozane (individual scales) and kirituske-kozane. The odoshi (lacing) in white silk.


The kabuto is a lacquered eboshi-nari kabuto, from the shape of a Chinese court cap. The neck protection (shikoro) is lacquered in black and gold and is fitted with unusual shaped fukigaeshi bearing a family crest (kamon) with two hawk feathers. The same design is depicted on the inome-shaped fontal decoration (maedate).


The ressei-men is red lacquered and fitted with moustache.


The tachi- is constructed with hon-kozane laced in white silk. The cuirass is divided in two parts. The groin protection (kusazuri) is made in kirituske-kozane, imitating the construction of the , in order to result lighter; the last plate ending in boarfur to protect the armor against damages.

Shoulder guards

Sode of small size with round corners, as typical of the armor from the early Edo period.


The haidate of ita (flat scales) type, with kikko attached at the bottom. Oda-gote sleeves and shino-suneate shin guards.


Armour for sale. 


Inventory Nr: 1625

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