Uda school

DATE Muromachi period (1336-1573)
NAGASA 26.4 cm
PRICE 1.800 


SUGATA [configuration]: Uchizori, hira-zukuri, iori-mune

KITAE [forging pattern]: itame hada mixed with mokume

HAMON [tempering pattern]: notare midare in nie-deki with abundant sunagashi, inazumayo, hotsure and other activities

BOSHI [point]: komaru

NAKAGO [tang]: ubu; three mekugi-ana

HORIMONO [carving]: suken on one side and koshi-bi on the other.


The Uda School is traditionally considered to have been founded in the early 14th century by Kunimitsu, who came from the Uda district of Yamato Province. At some point, Kunimitsu moved to the Etchu Province so even though the Uda School had its foundation in the Yamato tradition, the influence of Norishige is quite evident. All Uda smiths have a name starting with the same kanji “Kuni”.

The hamon of the Uda school is based on a nie structure. The nie is a bit coarse and tends to be quite clear and bright. On the other hand, there are places in the yakiba where there is the only nioi. Nie activities - such as ashi, yo, nie hotsure, sunagashi, and kuchigaiba  - are quite rich and the hikari (reflective tendencies) is generally strong. This tanto shows very well these characteristics.


INVENTORY N.: tok-1117

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