Tsuranari no katachi 9

Shigekazu Nagae (1953 - )

“Tsuranari no katachi 9”

Forms in succession # 9, 2012

Porcelain, 21 by 41.5 by 36 cm


Tsuranari no katachi is a series of white porcelain sculptures of silky and extremely thin silhouettes entwining each other. Each piece contains individually casted porcelain shapes, which are then intersected to create an organism of winding curves that seems to be flowing in the space. These forms are partly created by the natural twisting and warping in the kiln, as the fire completes the artist’s work. The final result is a sculpture that can be appreciated all-around: its profile transmutes depending on the point of view and gives to the observer a dynamic perception of the surfaces.
In just the last three years, Nagae’s works have been acquired by some of the greatest museums in the world, such as the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and the National Gallery of Australia, confirming the international prestige reached by the artist.

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