Waka-sukashi tsuba

Waka poem in calligraphy

Akasaka school

Edo period, 18th century

Iron, 72 x 75 mm; thickness: 4.6 mm

Signed: Bushu junin Asakasa Tadatoki saku

Specifications: Marugata, tetsu-ji, ji-sukashi, maru-mimi

W. L. Behrens collection, no. 1322


H. L. Joly, W. L. Behrens Collection. Part III: Sword-fittings, Tsuba, Metal (Tsuba and swords), London: Glendening, 1912, plate XLVI

Iron tsuba with positive openwork design of a waka poem, written in cursive calligraphy. The subject is rare and shows the elegance typical of the Akasaka school.

Akasaka tsuba were made in the Akasaka area of Edo throughout the Edo period. The style is more akin to Owari tsuba than Kyo, and some believe that the first two masters, both by the name of Tadamasa, were from the Owari area. The tsuba of the Akasaka school are distinguished by their outstanding craftsmanship and distinctive designs, which are both unique and varied. They often feature a rounded rim with a slightly distorted kozuka-bitsu, giving them a wider appearance.

A virtually identical tsuba with the same signature is published in "“Akasaka tsuba” (Sano Museum, 1990) no. 58. It is attributed to the sixth master of the school, Tadatoki, who lived until 1796. 

Inventory Nr: 3044

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