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Four cases inrō with hawks, 19th century
Stone with urushi lacquer lobster and octopus
A three-case inrō, 19th century Signed: Jōkasai
Negoro lacquer tray with a lobed motif on the back
Sweet-box with katami-gawari decoration
Large negoro lacquer tray, 17th century
Wooden basin with ear-shaped handles, 17th century
Rectangular writing box, 17th century
Three case inro decorated with fall subjects, 17th century
Writing box decorated in maki-e and mother-of pearl, 19th century
Lacquer panel with a nocturne landscape, a creek and fireflies
Sake bottle decorated in urushi-e with cranes and bamboo, 15th century
Writing box decorated with a peacock, 19th century
A negoro lacquer angled corners tray, 19th century
Inro with mother-of-pearl and coral inserts, signed by Kajikawa Bunryusa, XIX secolo
Incense box shaped as a love letter, 19th century
Four case inrō signed Nakayama Komin, 19th century
Lacquered panel with a bush of roses
Writing box in Ritsuo's style (Ogawa Haritsu), 17th-18th century
Writing box lacquered in nashi-ji with golden, copper and lead inserts
Inro a tre scompartimenti decorato con i segni zodiacali, XVIII secolo
Lacquered furniture decorated with scene from Genji Monogatari
Lacquered tray decorated with cherry blossom, late 19th century
Lacquered box with lead and mother of pearl inserts
Writing box with dragon flying in the clouds


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