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Since the Heian period, samurai were granted lands from their lords after achieving success in battles, where they staked their own lives to make names for themselves as brave and skilled warriors. For samurai, the batterfield was a place to display their courage and achievement, and take pride in wearing their own battle attire.

The arms and equipment of the samurai are widely recognized as masterpieces in steel, silk, and lacquer. We carry a wide selection of samurai armor, helmets, and accessories and only deal in first-class original items that are in excellent condition. We are one of the leading sources of antique samurai arms and armor, providing unique and rare items to serious collectors, museums, and galleries around the world. Our aim is to provide you with the finest Japanese armor and Japanese swords available. We'd like you to have the opportunity to experience a taste of the true samurai spirit and of traditional Japanese culture. Please browse through the following categories and feel free to contact us for any information.


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Helmets of the samurai  
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The Japanese sword is probably the most perfect cold weapon ever produced by mankind. With few exceptions, it is curved and...
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