antique japanese lacquer

FubakoA small lacquered letterbox decorated with maple leavesEarly Edo period, 17th century13.5 x 4.8 cm Lacquered box decorated with maple tree leaves and a mother of pearl calligraphy. Antique original Japanese lacquer for sale. Stock number: lacc-1386 

KōdansuA small cabinet for incense ceremony lacquered in hiramaki-e, togidashi and tsuishu takamaki-e. Silver fittings.Edo period, 19th century9.8 by 7 by 7.9 cmThe small rectangular chest is decorated with red lobsters of thick vermilion lacquer (tsuishu) on a kinji ground. The interior of the hinged door is inlaid in mother-of-pearl (raden) with seashells on a nashiji ground, while the faces of the three drawers show a design of stylized waves.Small cabinets like this were originally used for the incense ceremony to store the elements used for a...

Ko-Shoami tsuba with four rectangles
Ko-Shoami tsuba with four rectanglesIron, ji-sukashiMarugata, diameter: 8 cm; thickness 4.5 mm Certification: the tsuba comes with a hozon tosogu certificate issued by the NBTHK. The tsuba shows a unique yet simple and strong design. The patina is excellent and still bears the original lacquer finish on one side.The artistic work of Shoami sukashi openwork decoration lays somewhere between Kyo-sukashi and the Owari schools, being bolder than Kyo but more delicate than Owari. Shoami tsuba employ symmetry with abundant movement. The designs, as in this case, are unique. Like Kyo-...

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