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Triptych of prints  by Utagawa Yoshikazu (active 1848–1870)Publisher Ningyoya Takichi Lord Kusunoki Defeats the Enemies of the Court (Kusunoki kô chôteki o taiji zu) Edo period (1615-1867)Woodblock print (nishiki-e); ink and color on paper Signed: Ichijusai Yoshikazu ga (on each sheet)一寿斎芳員画Markings:Censors' seals: Kinugasa, Watanabe Print for sale. Price on application. Please include item stock number: alt-1259 

Kensui, water container with inscribed poem and a frog inside
KensuiWater container with an inscribed poem and a frog insideOtagaki Rengetsu  (1791-1875)Ceramic, diameter 12  cm. Shaped as an ancient shape derived from Yayoi Period pots (300 BCE~300 CE), the inglazed clay has been rather high fired, giving it the appearance of fine Bizen clay.Kensui are wastewater containers used in the tea room during the preparation of matcha. The water is colored by the matcha it has washed away, so, in use, the frog seems to be standing just beside the shallows of a green forest pond.The inscribed summer poem refers to the frog itself: ...

Bato Kannon
Bato KannonEarly Edo Period (1615-1867)17th centuryGilt carved wood; eyes inlaid in crystalTotal height: 66 cmFigure hight: 30 cmThe “Horse-Headed Kannon” is considered in Japan Protector of Animals. He is the only manifestation of Kannon that shows rage. Bato Kannon is also one of the warlike and wrathful deities of Esoteric Buddhism; in this role, the deity is known as Bato Myo-o.As typical, Bato Kannon is here depicted capped by the horse head and flame-haired, with three eyes, three heads and eight arms. He expresses anger by his wide-open eyes and open mouth. The primary...

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