antique japanese screens

Composizione con bambù
Folding screen with bambooMaio Motoko (1948 - )183 x 513 cmThirteen-panel screen Washi paper, fabric and pigmentsThe screen is composed by thirteen panels of graduating size (57.5 cm to 21.5 cm) decorated on both sides. One side represents a bamboo forest, with parallel applied papier-mâché bamboo plants, while the back is an abstract design with a silver irregular band on a cobalt blue background of antique fabrics and paper. This screen perfectly shows Maio’s ability in mastering materials in order to create tactile surfaces and strong compositions, rough and delicate at the same time...

Furosaki con fondo in oro e ventagli
Furosaki with gilded ground and fansA two-panel folding screen DATELate 19th centuryMEDIUMInk and color and paper on silkDIMENSIONS67 by 174 cm The compositions with fans were typical of Tawaraya Sotatsu school in Kyoto at the end of Ken'ei era (1624-1643). The fans could be painted on paper, then glued on a gold background or, as in this case, could be painted directly on the screen. Fans have always been used as a decorative element in the Japanese tradition. This object also has an auspicious meaning, representing the "unfolding" of the future.Some of the fans...

Poppies Six-panel folding screens DATEEdo period, 17th centuryMEDIUMInk, color and gold leaf on paperDIMENSIONS112 by 280 cm  Six-panel Japanese folding screen representing some poppies on a golden ground. The poppies are all completely white excepts for tree red flower that sprouts in the left part of the composition and some chrysanthemums in the center. INVENTORY NR: byo-1073Japanese screen for sale. Price on application.  

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