kabuto helmet

Suji-bachi kabuto
Samurai helmet with silver decoration DATEMomoyama Period  (1575 - 1615)MEDIUMIron with silver decoration ( nunomezogan)SIGNATURESoshu-Ju Myochin Jo A 32 iron-plate kabuto each decorated with nunomezogan choji-karakusa with a clove and ivy motif.The four cardinal plates are bordered with so-fukurin, while all of them have gilt higaki at the base. The frontal plate is larger, with a central shinodare. The tehen-no-kanamono is flat, as used in Momoyama period. The kuwagata-dai is older and dates back to...

Ryubu menpōHalf mask for samurai armor with a noble expression DATEMid Edo period (1615 - 1867)  18th/19th centuryARTISTMyōchin school The nose is detachable and two yadome run along the cheeks to reinforce the mask and to hold the kabuto's laces firmly.Even if the mask in unsigned, the type and the features suggest a smith from the Myochin school. INVENTORY N.: men-1193Menpo for sale. Price on application.  

Okegawa-dō tosei gusoku
Samurai armor with riveted cuirassKabuto signed Joshu no ju Saotome IesadaMid Edo Period (1615-1867), 18th Century Exhibited:Kimono e Samurai. Il gesto. L'eleganza. Lo spirito, Fondazione Herman Geiger (Cecina)Literature:A. Schiavetti (a cura di),  Kimono e Samurai. Il gesto. L'eleganza. Lo spirito, Cecina, 2013, p. 16   This important japanese armor bears the kamon of suisha shape (water wheel) from the Doi samurai clan in the version used during the Edo Period by the branch which ruled as ...

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