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30 September 2019


Samurai armor for saleLooking for an original samurai suite of armor for sale can me a hard work. And a dangerous one.

Many japanese armor for sale on the internet are in fact later items, not original. This often happens just because the seller is not aware of some specific technical features that distinquish an original samurai armor from a later one.

But why a later samurai armor is not to be considered original? The answer is simple: after 1868 the Japanese samurai class was abolished and hence all samurai armor for sale after that period were ment to be turistic gifts rather than real armor for the samurai.

Those looking for a samurai suite of armor to buy should also consider if all the elements of the samurai armor were born together. It is true that for very old samurai armor (up to the Momoyama period) parts were sometime changed, but as a general rule a matching armor set oft a tosei gusoku from the Edo period would be a better choice if you are looking for a samurai armor.

There are some easy rules you can learn easily for a first check, but please bear in mind that these are only the first stage of analysis for a samurai armor:


#1 Check the helmet: a kabuto should be quite heavy and made with thick iron plates.

#2 Check metal fittings: kanamono must be of high quality, with sharp detaisls, not casted

#3 Check linen: it should match on arms (kote), thig guard (haidate) and shin guard (suneate)

#4 Check plates: if they are all flat, be suspicious


Our gallery is specialised in original samurai armor and all the items you see in our website are in excellent condition, original and for sale. Items have been selected for quality and historical value and we are glad to have helped museums and collectors all over the world to find the right suit of armor.

For any inquire about samurai armor for sale, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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