Urushi lacquer on stone
Snake and frog, Urushi lacquer on stone
Squid and shrimps, Urushi lacquer on stone
A large Negoro lacquered wood hanging ewer for hot water
A tortoiseshell box decorated in lacquer with sea animals and shells
Urushi lacquer on panel with bats and a full moon
A small lacquered letterbox decorated with maple leaves
A pair of lacquered sake vessel with urushi-e design of cranes and bamboo
Four cases inrō with hawks, 19th century
Sweet-box with katami-gawari decoration
Sake bottle decorated in urushi-e with cranes and bamboo, 15th century
Lacquered panel with a bush of roses
Writing box in Ritsuo's style (Ogawa Haritsu), 17th-18th century
Writing box lacquered in nashi-ji with golden, copper and lead inserts
Lacquered furniture decorated with scene from Genji Monogatari
Lacquered tray decorated with cherry blossom, late 19th century

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