Sō-fukurin suji kabuto

Mid-Edo period (1615-1687)

18th century

The helmet is of goshōzan shape, slightly raised at the back. It is composed of 62 vertical, slightly convex plates lacquered in black urushi. Each plate is bordered by a gilt copper border in the -fukurin style. This style of decoration was introduced by the armorers of the Haruta school during the Muromachi period (1336-1573) for their akoda-nari kabuto and, in addition to the aforementioned fukurin, provides for shaped gilt ornaments at the base of each plate (higaki). The tehen-no-kanamono that adorns the top of the helmet is five-tiered. The visor (mabisashi) is embossed with eyebrows and wrinkles and is also edged in gilt engraved copper. The shikoro (neck guard) of five plates is of hineno type, shaped at the shoulder, with large fukigaeshi, and made in an unusual style: The lacquer is actually of two colors, gold and black, while the lacing is a rare alternation of kebiki-odoshi and uname-odoshi.

The helmet has a sun-shaped maedate and an interesting pair of original wakidate in the form of kuwagata, the stylized horns that were the standard for the maedate of the old akoda-nari kabuto.

On this page is a comprehensive glossary of common terms related to samurai armor.

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