Dangae do tosei gusoku

A blue-laced samurai armor with cuirass of double style

Edo Period, 18th century


Kabuto [helmet]: Black lacquered eboshi-nari kabuto, in the form of this court cap. The helmet is fitted with  beautiful original side crests (wakidate) shaped as stag antlers. Borders covered in engraved silver.

Maedate [helmet crest]: gilt-wood sun

Menpō [mask]: Black lacquered iron ressei-men (mask with fierce expression).

Nodowa [gorget]: The neck guard with a rare iron collar to protect the entire neck.

[cuirass]: Ni-mai dō (made in two parts) with double construction (dangae): the top part in Iyo-zane covered in black leather and the bottom part in kiritsuke-kozane lacquered in byakudan, a rare finish obtained with a thin layer of red lacquer over gold foil. The last plate of each tassel of the kusazuri is covered in imported printed leather; the same finish can be seen on all other elements of the suit of armor. Also the fine kanamono bearing the fuji kamon are repeated on other parts of the armor.

Kote [sleeves]: Of shino-gote type, in black lacquered iron. The hands (tekko) bear a secondary family crest (ura-kamon) with six planets.

Haidate [thigh guard]: Of kawara type, made of tied rectangular leather plates covered in black lacquer and decorated with two large family crests with nine fuji leaves.

Suneate [shin guards]: Of shino type, with gilt iron plates and chain mail. 

Kōgake [feet guards]: In black lacquered iron.


The high-level features on this important suit of armor reflect the status and wealth of the original owner. The "horned" eboshi kabuto is actually very attractive, and the costly byakudan-nuri lacquer on the cuirass and the use of printed leather imported from outside of Japan suggest a high-ranking samurai. Overall, the armor is finished with black urushi lacquer, except for the cuirass, half in byakudan nuri and half covered in black leather, and for the last plate of each element, covered in printed imported leather.


Inventory Nr: 1809

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