An ivory netsuke of a recumbent goat

Attributed to Kaigyokusai Masatsugu (1813-1892)

Osaka, mid 19th century

Signed in a rectangular reserve Kaigyoku Masatsugu. 

Length: 3.9cm


Lying with its head turned to the right, its horns pressed back and its legs drawn in beneath, forming a compact composition in fine, unstained ivory, the eyes of amber with dark horn pupils.


For similar examples, see:

V. Harris, Netsuke, The Hull Grundy collection in the British Museum, p.59, no.256.

Netsuke, Catalogue for the 20th anniversary of the Nihon Netsuke Kenkyukai, 1995, p.71, no.77. 

R. Bandini, Shishi and other netsuke, 1999, p. 77 nr. 105.


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