Gomai-dō tosei gusoku with “Kyu” kamon

Mid Edo period, 18th century

Kaga school

Mei Tō - Katchu Ten (“Exhibition of famous swords and armor”), Izumi National History Museum, 2002

Mei Tō - Katchu Ten, Izumi National History Museum, 2002, Cat. 56. Pag. 72

The armor accompanied by a certificate of registration as Koshu Tokubetsu Kicho Shiryo (Especially Important Armor Object) no. 1215 issued by the Nihon Katchu Bugu Kenkyu Hozon Kai (Japanese Armor Preservation Society), 2018.10.21 


This authentic samurai suite of armor features some typical characteristics of Kaga’s armor-smiths, famous for their fine and richly decorated suits of armor. Although the configuration of this samurai armor is mainly classic, there are various elements typical of this region, like the heart-shaped holes (inome, latterly "boar’s eyes") and the use of leather to cover the front of the cuirass. Another typical feature is the decoration on the sleeves (kote) obtained by dropping irregular silver drops on the iron.

The helmet (kabuto) is of suji-bachi construction, of tall shape (koseizan), made with 8 plates, each decorated with shakudo and gilt-copper shinodare, descending from a rich tehen-no-kanamono (fitting for the central hole). The shakudo alloy is used also to enrich the rims of the whole kabuto. The helmet’s shape suggests an attribution to the armorers of the Haruta Kaga school. The maedate (front ornament) is a classical kuwagata  with a stunning shakudo kuwagata-dai to hold the flat stylised horns.

The laced parts are all made with a hon-kozane construction, with individual small scales, which is the most refined and complicated way of lacing a Japanese armor.

The suit of armor is overall bringing a samurai family crest representing the number nine inside a circle. It is richly executed in gold over a shakudo nanako ground; we can find it on the fukigaeshi of the kabuto, as usual, but also on the cuirass () and on the hand’s protections (tekko). The kamon is also painted in gold over red on the two original storage boxes.

This samurai armor is originally Japanese and for sale, in excellent condition. It is a collector's item and not a reproduction.

On this page is a comprehensive glossary of common terms related to samurai armor.

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