Maru do tosei gusoku

Momoyama period

16th century

Kabuto of eboshi type in gilt lacquer with hineno shikoro with five narrow plates. Maedate in the shape of a crescent moon.

Menpō of hanbō type in red lacquer with a three-plate yodarekake.

Rare maru-do with iyozane-type plates, consisting of a single element, decorated with a large kanji "ten" in black lacquer on red at the front. The curvature of the armpit is typical of the Momyama period, as is the shape of the slightly sunken back.

Golden ko-sode with a cut corner at the front to facilitate fighting.

Haidate with mirrored kamon in gold lacquer on a black background. The kamon echoes that found on fukigaeshi.


The armor appears rich and showy though of simple and essential construction, thus fully reflecting the taste of the Momoyama period.

Price: 45,000 €

Inventory Nr: 1839

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