17th century

45.5 x3 

Antique Negoro lacquer wares were produced in Negoro-ji, the head temple of the Shingi Shingon sect of Buddhism. During medieval times, Negoro utensils were used in shrines and temples related to Negoro-ji for everyday use and for ritual purposes. The cinnabar red layers of lacquer on these wares are intended to gradually wear away with use, revealing the black lacquer underneath. A very important part of enjoying such an item is in fact what Japanese call “wabi” aesthetic and when we look at it we certainly enjoy the beauty of its shape and its color, but we also admire the signs of wear and the evidence that the piece has lived a long life, even if this is not what the maker had in mind when he crafted it.

Negoro round tray can be used in various ways. Pictures of such trays of fairly large diameter can be seen in the Boki Ekotoba hand scroll (14th century) and other illustrated hand scrolls, being used for carrying smaller lacquerware or to serve food.

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