Ni Mai Do Tosei Gusoku

Samurai armor bearing the “Nibiki” kamon

Edo Period, 18th century


Special exhibition of armor masterpieces in Kanagawa, Hiratsuka, 1988-


Special exhibition of armor masterpieces in Kanagawa - The beauty of Kinsei Mononofu: 1988, cat. 51


Kabuto [helmet]: 52-plate suji kabuto lacquered with tetsu-sabiji urushi. Four larger plates bearing gilt shinodare. Shikoro (neck guard) kiritsuke kozane. Fukigaeshi (helmet turns-back) decorated with stencilled leather and gilt brass borders, bearing a kamon of nibiki type (family crest with two bars). The visor (mabezashi) with the same finish and two applied gilt-brass karashishi (Buddhist lions)

Maedate [helmet crest]: Kuwagata (stylized horns) with sun in the center.

Menpō [mask]: A rare lacquered iron okina-men (mask of an old man) with long beard. Tare (throat guard) in kiritsuke kozane.

[cuirass]: Ni-mai dō (made in two parts) with kiritsuke kozane construction with a large shakudo nibiki kamon applied on the front. Stencilled leather  plates with gilt brass borders, fine pierced  gilt kanamono (application) bearing a nibiki kamon. The cuirass include two attractive gilt ko-hire on the shoulders, with shakudo pierced kanamono. Small gilt-brass karashishi are applied at the end of each  tessel of the gessan.

Sode [shoulder guards]: Medium type (chu-sode), with fine kanamono and decorations.

Kote [sleeves]: Of oda-gote type, in russet iron.

Haidate [thigh guard]: Of kawara type, made of tied rectangular leather plates.

Suneate [shin guards]: Of shino type, with russet iron plates and chain mail.

Yoroi-bitsu [Storage box]: Double, with nibiki kamon.


This high-level samurai armor features a large nibiki (two-bar) kamon that occupies almost the entire front of the armor. There are also rare high-relief applications depicting pairs of karashishi, the Buddhist lions normally placed at the entrance to temples and here used as a request for divine protection.

Other rare and characteristic features of this set are the large circular golden ko-hire on the shoulders and the mask with a long beard along the entire jaw. Also featured are the characteristic traits of high-ranking samurai armor: pierced kanamono, golden twirled rims, and printed leather inserts.


Inventory Nr: 1808

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