Shinshinto wakizashi in koshirae

Edo period, ca. 1850

Nagasa: 38.8 cm

Motohaba 3.7 cm

Koshirae: 61 cm


The blade in hirazukuri, with bohi and horimono with votive inscriptions. 

Nakago with three mekugi-hana and machi-okuri, mumei


Tsuba, menuki and fuchi-kashira in finely crafted copper with toad motif. Saya in a rare green lacquer, simulating a pond, with hiramaki-e designs using mother-of-pearl to draw water lilies and ripples on the water.

Copper and lacquered iron canes on the kojiri and a shakudo toad as kurigata. High-quality kogatana with snail figures, signed.

The use of copper for kodogu during the Edo period is typical of Nara artists.

Inventory Nr: 3004

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