Six-panel screen with scenes from the Heike Monogatari

Scenes from the Heike Monogatari

A six-panel folding screen


DATE Edo Period (1615-1867), 18th century
MEDIUM Ink, color, gofun and gold-leaf on paper
DIMENSIONS 153 by 316 cm


The scene depicts the famous Japanese battle at Ichinotani, featuring the surprise attack by Minamoto forces, led by Yoshitsune, upon the Taira stronghold. On the lower part, the Heike (Taira) leader Tomonori riding out toward his boats, while on the left part Kumagai Naozane is gesturing with his fan toward the seventeen-year-old Taira Atsumori calling out to him: “I see that you are a Commander-in-Chief.  It is dishonorable to show your back to an enemy.  Return!”.
The folding screen is very well painted, with an incredible number of figures, each with his own individuality, to show the power of the Minamoto attack on the Taira castle. Every Japanese armor is very well described and a great variety of helmets and weapons is distributed along the composition.


INVENTORY NR: byo-1100

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Inventory Nr: 1100

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