Suji-bachi kabuto kabuto

62-plate samurai helmet

Haruta school, Edo period

17th-18th century


A lamellar helmet consisting of sixty-two plates joined with five rows of rivets. The surface is lacquered with black urushi, while the sujitate, the folded parts of each lamella, are lacquered in gold.

This color contrast is reminiscent of the akoda-nari type helmets produced by the Haruta school since the Kamakura period. The sinuous curves of all parts of the helmet are also typical of the production of this school, which remained active until the Edo period. Both the swelled tenkokuzan shape of the bowl, and the outlines of the fukigaeshi, the visor and the shikoro (neck guard) show in fact far more pronounced curvatures than those commonly found in this period and reminiscent of the work of Haruta Katsusada.

The five-plate shikoro, made of kiritsuke-kozane (simulated plates), bears two large fukigaeshi decorated in stencilled leather bearing a family crest (kamon) with three ivy leaves (tsuta). The rims, as well as those of the visor, are edged with engraved and gilded metal.

The maedate (front ornament) is made of gilt wood.

Price: 10,000 €

Inventory Nr: 1805

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