Kasumi Bunsho (1905–1998)


Painting: 35.5 by 50. 2 cm

Mounts: 127 by 53 cm

Signed and dated 1995

Kasumi Bunsho was a well-known and prolific Zen calligrapher. 

The exuberant opening splash of wild ink and flying white in many of his paintings demonstrates his great energy. 

Kasumi Bunsho's work was influenced by two major Zen teachers: Nantembo (1839–1925) and Deiryu (1895–1954). Deiryu's influence can be seen most directly in Bunsho's similar approach to painting Zen circles (ensō). Enso are typically brushed in a single stroke from the lower left, with the center left blank and the accompanying calligraphy brushed on the side or below the enso. However, both Deiryu and his student Kasumi Bunsho frequently brushed calligraphy or images in the center of their enso, as well as brushing their ensō with a distinctive and unusual pale gray ink. 

Kasumi Bunsho later became abbot of Kaisei-ji, Nantembo's training hall, as well as Myoshin-ji, one of Kyoto's oldest major Zen temples.

Inventory Nr: 1746

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