samurai armor

Samurai mask with a fierce expressionMid Edo ( period 1615 - 1867), 18th centuryKaga Myōchin school A high-level russet iron mask of me no shita men (half face) type. The expression is fierce (ressei), with sharp yadome and long mustaches. the iron plate is thick and heavy and the shape is elegant and very well refined.Even if the mask in unsigned, the type and the features suggest a smith from the Myochin school.On this page is a comprehensive glossary of common terms related to samurai armor.Menpo for sale  

Samurai maskMid Edo period (1615-1867)Signed under the cin : Myochin Munehisa  A russet embossed iron mask of me no shita men (half face) type.The expression is fierce (ressei) and the dark patina emphasizes this feature.  Sku: men-1228

Armor of Sansai typeEarly Edo period (1615 - 1867)17th centuryInscribed in various parts: Nishimura Kiyomune Hosokawa Sansai (or Tadakoi 1563 - 1646) was a successful general; he modified the traditional gusoku creating the model now know under his name. These are simple and very practical armors, that reflect the elegant artistic sensibility of Sansai, who was also a tea ceremony master.The kabuto is of Etchu (zunari) type; the cuirass in iyozane maru, often covered in lacquer. The mask is always an hanbo and sode are not...

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