kabuto samurai

Myochin Ressei menpo
 Myochin school, Mid Edo Period (1615-1867)Half mask for samurai armorSamurai armour's mask A russet iron mask of me no shita men (half face) type.The expression is fierce (ressei) with a big nose, the hair-horse mustache and beard and, particular feature, only the lower teeth visible.Cod. men1186 

 PERIODMid Edo period (1615-1867), 18th century  EXHIBITIONS"Samurai - Passato e Presente", Novara 2012LITERATUREG.Piva - S. Verrina, Samurai - Passato e Presente, cat. A2, Novara 2012 This authentic samurai armor of tosei gusoku type brings the coat of arms (kamon) with fish scale (uruko) design used by the Hirano clan, daimyō of Tawaramoto in Yamato province. The twelve-plates kabuto (helmet) of "pumpkin" shape (akoda-nari) is typical of this region, richly decorated with byakudan gold lacquer and...

A blue-laced samurai armor with cuirass of double styleEdo Period, 18th century Kabuto [helmet]: Black lacquered eboshi-nari kabuto, in the form of this court cap. The helmet is fitted with  beautiful original side crests (wakidate) shaped as stag antlers. Borders covered in engraved silver.Maedate [helmet crest]: gilt-wood sunMenpō [mask]: Black lacquered iron ressei-men (mask with fierce expression).Nodowa [gorget]: The neck guard with a rare iron collar to protect the entire neck.Dō [cuirass]: Ni-mai dō (made in two parts) with double construction (dangae): the top part in Iyo-...

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