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Otagki Rengetsu  (1791-1875), A pair of ceramic sake flasks
Otagaki Rengetsu (1791-1875)A pair of ceramic sake flasks Decorated with autumn and summer poemsHeight: 15 cmPoet, calligrapher, painter and potter, Otagaki Rengetsu was a Japanese Buddhist nun and one of the few prominent Japanese female artists. Daughter of unknown parents, she was adopted by a samurai family and spent her childhood at Kameoka Castle as a courtesan until the age of 16; during her stay, Otagaki excelled in waka poetry, a Japanese classical verse particularly popular among women during the Edo period. After an unfortunate stage of her life in which both her husbands...

KayakuirePowder-flask Early 19th centuryHeight: 28 cm Lacquered with inlays of mother-of -pearl (raden) and negoro borders in relief. The large kamon in the middle in silvered copper.A similar flask, with the same lacquer surface, shape and kamon, is illustrated in the catalog of the Arashiyama Museum in Kyoto. Samurai accessories for sale. Price on application. Please include item stock number: acc-663    

Shinshinto katana ToshimitsuKanesaki Tenryushi Minamoto Toshimitsu金崎天龍子源寿光Late Edo periodNBTHK Hozon Tōken as “Bizen, late Edo Period” (備前時代江戸後期) Nagasa [lenght]: 62.6 cm
Motohaba: 3.2 cm, sakihaba: 2.2 cm
Sori: 1 cm
Sugata [configuration]: shinogi-zukuri, shallow tori-zori, iori-mune, chu-kissaki (3 cm)
Kitae [forging pattern]: tight itame hada toward nashiji hada
Hamon [tempering pattern]: choji midare; ashiBōshi [point]: ko-maru
Nakago [tang]: ubu, kurijiri, ō-sujikai yasurime; one mekugi-ana; mei: “Kanesaki Tenryushi Minamoto Toshimitsu”Koshirae: The sword is...

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