samurai customs

Myochin Ressei menpo
Ressei menpoMyochin school, Mid Edo Period (1615-1867)Half mask for samurai armorSamurai armour's mask A russet iron mask of me no shita men (half face) type.The expression is fierce (ressei) with a big nose, the hair-horse mustache and beard and, particular feature, only the lower teeth visible.Cod. men1186 

Tsuba Kaga Yoshiro decorata con ruote e volpe
Kaga Yoshiro TsubaCartwheels and foxLate Muromachi Period (1336-1573)Exhibition:"Samurai - Passato e presente", Novara 2012 Literature:G.Piva - S. Verrina, Samurai - Passato e Presente, cat. A13, Novara, 2012Iron with brass hira-zoganDiameter: 82 mmThickness: 4 mmAn excellent ubu example of Kaga Yoshiro work from the Muromachi period.  Very dense iron with good tekkotsu, not factory plate.  All the inlay is intact.  At the time that this was made, brass was an extremely valuable commodity in Japan, rivaling gold, as it was imported from China. The...

Leather samurai armor, mid Edo period  (1615-1867)
Nerikawa Tosei gusokuLeather samurai armor PERIODLate Edo period (1615-1868), 19th century The armor is entirely made of lacquered nerikawa(leather) except for the iron kote. Nerikawa has always been used when building samurai armor in order to diminish its weight, but it is only during the second half of the Edo period that we find full suits made only with this material. Even the helmet, a very nice momonari kabuto decorated with a slander maedate shaped as three bamboo leaves, is made with leather.Both sode are decorated with a large figure of a flying bat. Its...

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